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Malham Landcscape Workshop

My aim is that you leave at the end of your tuition with a greater understanding of the subject having had both an informative and enjoyable experience.
What you will learn
• Improve your digital landscape photography by taking creative photographs that really capture the moment
• Understand your camera and all its functions
• Obtain a good understanding of focus points, correct exposure, metering and depth of field issues
• Use of ND filters to ensure the correct exposure between light skies and darker foregrounds, one of the essentials for good landscape photography
• Understand how to see photographically and know what works well when photographing landscapes
• Understand the rules of composition and how to obtain a well balanced and structured image
• Understand the benefits of shooting in RAW against jpeg and the optimum settings for uploads to PC or laptop and file conversion
• Be able to undertake image fixes and photo stitching using Photoshop or Elements

Materials and Equipment
• Your own digital camera and its instruction manual together with any lenses and filters.
• Spare batteries if you have them and a good supply of memory cards.
• A tripod if you have one but I can supply if necessary
• Warm and weatherproof clothing and boots is a must as the weather can be changeable
• Notebook and pencil, however course notes will be provided for you to take away.
• Please bring a packed lunch

Not included
Not included are any accommodation and personal accident insurance.

Meet at the Town End Cafe and Farm shop in the Village of Airton two miles from Malham here we will have introductions, refreshments and discuss the day's activity. From here we will drive the short distance to the visitir centre and car park in Malham and proceed to Janets Foss, Goedale Scar, Malham Tarn and Malham Cove. returning to the visitor centre by late afternoon.
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Malham Photography Workshop
Malham Photography Workshop

Janets Foss
Janets Foss

Malham Photography Course
Malham Photography Course

Malham Tarn
Malham Tarn

Watlowes Dry Valley
Watlowes Dry Valley

Malham Landscape Workshop
Malham Landscape Workshop

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